Internal regulations


    • Of compulsory fulfilment by residents and visitors of the Urbanization and as a complement of the Community Statutes and the Horizontal Property Law.



  • Ensure that all Residents fulfil the stipulations within these Regulations.
  • In the event of renting your apartment, inform, the occupants of the existing regulations.
  • Deposit rubbish in sealed plastic bags in the containers at the times established by the Town Hall.
  • Use the bins distributed within the Urbanization to deposit papers and other materials, except food.
  • All boats must use the specified area to enter or exit the beach, at a speed of less than 3 knots.



  • Damage plants, trees, lights and any other installation.
  • All noise which may disturb other Residents.
  • All ball games outside the sports area.
  • The use of Barbecues (except in the top flats).
  • Noisy parties at night.
  • Throw cigarette ends or other objects from the apartment.
  • Hang out the washing, rugs, etc. on the terraces.
  • Water plants which dampen other terraces.
  • Leave any types of objects on the stairs or landings such as shoes, bikes or rubbish bags.
  • Place any type of sign on windows, doors, etc.
  • Circulate on skates, skate boards, or similar on pedestrian paths, pool or garden areas, including minors.
  • Circulate at more than 30 Km/h on the urbanization streets.
  • Park outside the parking area.
  • Use as a home any type of caravan or trailer.
  • Use the common areas to eat.
  • Use chairs tables and private sun beds in common areas.
  • Animals in the pool of garden areas.
  • Dogs without leads and if they are classified as dangerous: they must wear a muzzle.
  • Feed cats.



  • Minors must always be accompanied by an adult. The community declines any responsibility for unaccompanied minors.
  • You must shower before bathing.
  • Use t-shirts or similar in the water.
  • Balls, inflatable mattresses or similar in the water.
  • No glass objects are permitted.
  • Place towels or other objects on the sun beds for posterior use.